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If you’re looking for a company to intern at, consider Microsoft. Its Intern Networking Program pairs interns with full-time employees. You’ll arrange lunch with the employees and get to ask questions and interact with them. You’ll also have access to subsidized housing and mentors.

subsidized housing

Microsoft offers subsidized housing for interns, including paid utilities and house cleaning services. The program allows interns to live in a single room or share a room with a roommate. Moreover, the company offers a monthly stipend that helps them cover their basic costs. Microsoft also allows interns transportation.

The program offers subsidized housing for interns at Microsoft, Boeing and Amazon. In addition to free room and breakfast, interns also get biweekly housekeeping. The company even throws interns a private party with Deadmau5 and Macklemore. The program has attracted so many applicants that over 3,000 students have applied. Intern Dan Masi was among those who used it.

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The HCDE + Microsoft Mentorship Program matches students with professionals who can share insights about their field of study. The partnership is now in its second year and pairs 50 HCDE students with professional mentors. Students apply for the program over the summer, and department advisors match them with experienced mentors at the beginning of the school year.

Mentors are your first point of contact with questions about your work. New employees are assigned a manager and mentor who will define goals, choose projects, and evaluate performance. Your mentor will bring you up to speed and introduce you to tools and codebases. Mentors also help you find other people who are better at specific tasks.

performance reviews

Performance reviews are an integral part of the internship experience at Microsoft. While the software giant is known for its countless contributions to tech, including the Surface and HoloLens, it also has a reputation for being extremely selective. Microsoft’s intern acceptance rate is rumored to be about 2% and only 10% for new grads.

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The internship program at Microsoft allows interns to work on real-world projects with teams across the globe. This allows interns to explore their passions and bring their ideas to life. Interns will also be exposed to cutting-edge technologies and the Microsoft culture. They will also learn to design research studies, define scope problems and write plans.


Interning at Microsoft Redmond can be a great way to gain valuable experience in various fields. The company is home to some of the most innovative software in the world, and they treat interns like actual employees. Interns can have a tangible impact on national initiatives, marketing campaigns, and user experiences. Microsoft internships also have several benefits, including paid travel to the company, health club membership, and discounts on software.

As an equal-opportunity employer, Microsoft gives equal consideration to all qualified candidates. Whether you are an American or a foreign citizen, Microsoft looks forward to evaluating your application. Microsoft internships are located primarily in Redmond, Washington, but you may also be offered a position in the Bay Area, Cambridge, Massachusetts, or Vancouver, British Columbia. Microsoft internships are intended for recent college graduates, and while they provide valuable experience, there is no guarantee of a full-time position.

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While working at Microsoft Redmond, you will have the opportunity to interact with the company’s senior managers and engineers. You will attend presentations by division presidents, such as Steven Sinofsky, and learn how to use tools in your work. For example, you can use Google tools to collaborate with other engineers more efficiently and produce higher-quality work.

Adam’s role at Microsoft is in product management, where he works to bridge the gap between the software and business sides. You won’t need any technical background to succeed, but you will be responsible for identifying user pain points and finding solutions for those needs. Microsoft offers a full-time job to about 80 percent of its interns, so the salary range is about the same as that of a full-time employee.

Interns at Microsoft can work on real-world projects and collaborate with other students worldwide. They also gain experience with the latest technologies and work with the brightest minds in the industry. Interns also get the chance to build a community and pursue their passions. This is an excellent opportunity for students looking for a global internship.

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